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Entrepreneurship & Reform

From1946 untill1969

  1. 1947
    Birth and establishment of a new era for chemical and electronics industries LG founder In Hwoi,Koo set LG history in motion with the establishment of the Lak Hui Chemical Industrial Corp., (currently LG Chem) in 1947. G

    01. Lak Hui Chemical Industrial Corp. established Company produces Lak Hui cream (cosmetic)

  2. 1948

    04. Cosmetics lab founded

  3. 1952

    08. Lak Hui begins producing the first plastic daily necessities in Korea

  4. 1953

    11. Lak Hui Industry (currently LG International Co.) established

  5. 1954

    10. Lak Hui develops Lak Hui dental cream, the first cream-type toothpaste in Korea

  6. 1956

    05. Lak Hui produces the first PVC pipe in Korea

  7. 1958

    10. Goldstar Co., Ltd., established currently LG Electronics

  8. 1959

    08. Goldstar produces the first radio in Korea

  9. 1960
    Foundation for key industries and development Korea vigorously implemented economic development plans and gradually consolidated the groundwork for its growth, emerging as a developing nation.
    Accordingly, LG gradually expanded its chemical and electronics businesses, which created the foundation for a big business group.

    03. Goldstar develops the first electric fan in Korea

  10. 1961

    07. Goldstar develops the first telephone in Korea

  11. 1962

    01. Goldstar exports radios for the first time in Korea
    Goldstar introduces private loans for the first time in Korea

  12. 1964

    09. Goldstar develops the first emergency medical dispatching automatic telephone switch in Korea

  13. 1965

    04. Goldstar develops the first refrigerator in Korea

  14. 1966

    08. Goldstar develops the first black and white TV in Korea

  15. 1967

    07. Lak Hui Oil and Fat Industry develops the first shampoo in Korea

  16. 1968
    • 03. Goldstar develops the first room air conditioner in Korea
    • 11. Yonam Library established
  17. 1969
    • 02. Goldstar develops the first elevator and escalator in Korea
    • 05. Goldstar develops the first washing machine in Korea