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    02 Chairman’s Message     
    • We must always stay abreast of new developments and create customer value based on our strengths
    03 Focus
    • Chairman Koo Bonmoo Reviews LG’s Design Competitiveness
    04 Special Report
    • "Simple is the New Smart" LG G3 Globally Launched
    08 New Product
    • Wonder What Changes Occur in Your Body?
    -’Heart Rate Earphone’ & ’Lifeband Touch’
    09 Technology
    • Time Has Come for Chatting Appliances - HomeChat™
    10 Opinion
    • Open Innovation Environment and Trends
    14 Automotive Solution
    • LG Mobilizes Group - wide Capabilities in Automotive Parts
    16 Interview
    • Daniela’s Dreams Come True in Korea
    18 Marketing
    • Connecting through Sports, LG’s Global Sports Marketing
    20 Entrue World 2014
    • Sharing Technologies that Change Lives
    22 Ad Story  
    • Cerebral smile
    24 Business Insight
    • "Reason for Existence" Makes Us Different
    26 Corporate News
    • Latest LG News
    29 Editorial Office

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