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LG Display to Showcase Latest OLED Lighting Products at Euroluce 2017 in Milan


LG Display has announced it will showcase the latest OLED lighting products at Euroluce 2017 from April 4 to 9 in Milan, Italy. Under the theme of “The Light of Inspiration,” LG Display will exhibit the unique values of OLED technology in lighting, which enable revolutionary and elegant lighting designs. In a dedicated exhibition hall, the company will showcase innovative OLED light panels, including flexible products; its history of collaboration with world-class designers; and the inspirations behind its current lineup.
The most eye-catching products on display are LG Display’s collaborations with Ross Lovegrove, one of the world’s leading industrial designers. Nicknamed ‘Captain Organic’ and a self-proclaimed ‘sculptor of technology,’ Lovegrove fully utilized OLED lighting technology to realize life-like lighting artworks that are inspired by the curves and patterns seen in underwater marine life.
Fascinated by what he calls the “innovation, innovation, innovation” of OLED lighting, Lovegrove said, “OLED lighting technology is revolutionary, since it is flexible, touchable and ecological.” Aiming to engage with audiences interested in the “luxury of technology,” he noted that OLED lighting is “inert and passive” and “not hot and aggressive.” He added that he chose to partner with LG Display to explore the benefits of OLED lighting, which creates illumination across a surface rather than from a point. “I am trying to think with LG Display in a modular way so that the product has an extended future,” Lovegrove said. “I make a module, which is very economical to make, but then you multiply that and you can make huge installations.”
LG Display also seeks to highlight the flexibility of its OLED light panels for the high-end residential and premium hospitality markets.
“At Euroluce 2017, we are showcasing innovative OLED light products that especially accentuate the flexibility of the technology - flexibility which cannot be mimicked by any other kind of light technology,” said Sung-Soo Park, Vice President and Head of OLED Light Business Division at LG Display. “LG Display, the leading OLED display maker, will transfer its success in the display industry into the nascent OLED lighting market.”

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