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Delivering value that exceeds customer expectations!


There is one brand that stands out in today's fiercely competitive global marketplace.

That brand is LG, a brand that is rapidly winning the hearts of global customers through its innovative technologies and aesthetic designs.

With a proven track record for offering customers premium lifestyles through quality product and service deliverance, LG is always striving to bring a brighter future for all its customers.

LG has caught the attention of today's global customers.

Delivering value that exceeds customer expectations!

LG works hard to offer customers value that goes beyond their expectations.

This spirit comes from LG's management principles of 'creating value for customers' and 'respecting human dignity.'

LG has always placed the greatest importance on its customers and has walked alongside its customers in its journey into the future.

This thinking comes from a business philosophy rooted in the LG legacy of placing its customers first.

In 1947, after first introducing the legendary [Lucky] cream, LG went on to make a series of investments that were targeted at enhancing comfort and lifestyles of the Korean consumers and produced other household products such as plastic goods, toothpastes and synthetic detergents.

On the electronics side, LG produced Korea's first ever electronic products, the radio set, and successfully launched a series of Korea's first products including refrigerators, televisions, air conditioners, etc. For the past six decades, LG has played a pioneering role in developing the electronics industry in Korea. LG Electronics is now known for offering its global customers superb values that enable them to enjoy enriched lifestyles.

As a result, LG's annual revenue marked a hundredfold growth during a period of thirty years. At present, LG's annual revenues account for more than 10% of Korea's GDP and is continuing its rapid growth.

LG is always innovating and changing itself in order to offer new values to its customers.

In its display business alone, LG in 2010 expanded the horizons for this industry by developing the world's first 19-inch flexible e-paper display, a product which can be bent at will. LG also expedited the advent of the 3D TV era with its innovative LG Cinema series. The year 2011 saw LG unveil its 3D FPR technology, a revolutionary technology garnering world attention through its unique viewing experience that offers zero flickering and crosstalk.

Moreover, in the advanced battery business, ten years of R&D work in this technology is beginning to reap results as LG is continuing to sign supply contracts with the world's renowned automakers. LG's excellence in the advanced battery technology has won recognition from these automakers and this has ultimately led to construction of its advanced battery plants in Korea and Michigan, U.S.A. With the addition of the new plant in Michigan, LG has built a strong foundation to secure a competitive advantage in the U.S. markets.

While producing the country's very first products and leading the electronics and chemicals industry, LG has always placed the greatest emphasis on delivering value that the customers truly desire instead of making compromises to enhance short-term profits. Such intense focus on customers has always been the impetus behind LG's remarkable growth and global competitiveness.

LG, a globally recognized premium brand!

LG stands out as a global leader in all its business areas.

Under the holding company LG Corp. at its forefront, LG is made up of more than fifty affiliates. Today, some 200,000 or so people work at LG, all relentlessly striving to serve satisfied customers.

LG's electronics business consists of nine companies including global giant LG Electronics, LG Display, LG Innotek and LG Siltron.

The company's electronics business has surged to the top of the global markets with its mobile devices, TVs, air conditioners, state-of-the-art home appliances and core components in display, LED and photovoltaic cells.

LG's chemical companies work to offer customers innovative and essential solutions and are led by LG Chem, LG Hausys, LG Household & Health Care, LG Life Sciences.

LG's chemical products range from daily essentials such as automobile plastics, architectural furnishings, pharmaceutical drugs as well as its advanced automobile battery to display materials and information & electronic materials. Each product is leading its respective markets with its innovative values.

In LG's telecommunications and services sector, LG U+ is the largest company, followed by LG CNS, LG International, SERVEONE, LG Sports, etc.

These companies are making meaningful changes in the telecommunications and wireless internet services markets. In addition, LG is continuously creating new customer values in sectors of IT solutions, development of natural resources, high-end leisure, and the management of a professional sports teams.

As a result, LG is currently receiving recognition in more than twenty countries as a leading brand.

LG's future also lies in its customers!

LG is relentlessly developing new growth engines including green automobile solutions, green energy solutions, living & eco solutions in order to offer customers greater values in the future,

Furthermore, LG is also undertaking its role as a socially responsible corporate leader, joining hands with its customers for creating a brighter future for mankind.

Since its inception in 1947, LG has risen to attain global prominence through unprecedented growth.

LG vows to maintain its focus on customers in the future. This commitment towards customer value will remain unchanged and firm until we realize our vision of becoming a Number 1 LG, a brand that all our customers can regard as being the world's best.

LG dreams of becoming a great enterprise by leaping the bounds of mere customer satisfaction and by always aiming to move the hearts of its customers,

LG pledges to uphold this promise for many years to come.

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    LG makes dreams come true.LG channels imagination into everyday things.

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    LG makes dreams come true.LG channels imagination into everyday things.

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    LG makes dreams come true.LG channels imagination into everyday things.